Google uses over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm. Some of them you have control over and some you can’t do anything about such as domain name and domain age.

I am going through some of the most important factors that are in your control and could have a great effect on your Guernsey website if you implement them.

On Page Factors

Include your keyword at the start of your title
The title tag is one of the most important ranking factors. Include your keyword in your title and insert it at the start of the title for best results.
Use your keyword in the first 100 words of the page's content
Use your keyword in the first 100 words of the page’s content as it sends Google a relevancy signal and is connected to higher search rankings.
Content with more text ranks higher in Google
More words in a page’s content that covers a greater explanation of the topic has a better chance of ranking higher in Google than shorter articles.
Use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords in your content
Using LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords shows Google what the topic is about and is better for ranking for many more search phrases. These are words that are related to your page’s topic.
Use "alt" tags for images
At the present time, Google is unable to read images so you need to enter an “alt” tag within the html source code to let Google know what the image is about.
Link to other pages of your website to spread around the site's authority
Spread your websites authority to every page by internally linking them. This makes the other pages more powerful.
Use mulimedia in your content
Adding videos, animation, images and audio multimedia to your text in your content will send Google a quality signal for better rankings.
Use outbound links to relevant, quality websites
Use outbound links to other high authority websites that are in the same business or niche as you. Google will use these links as a relevancy and trust signal.
Use your keyword in your page's meta description
Although your page’s meta description is not a part of Google’s ranking factor, it does help click through rate conversions which is a ranking factor.
Repair your websites broken links
A website or web page that has a lot of broken links on it can negatively affect a sites ranking in the search engines because it will be seen as a sign of neglect.
Optimise your website for mobile devices
More than half of all Google searches are carried out on a mobile device. Make sure that your website is mobile optimised or responsive because search rankings are now based on the mobile first index.
Avoid Duplicate Content
Having the same content (duplicate) on more than one page of your website can have a negative effect on your pages rankings because the pages are competing against one another for the same content.
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