Social media marketing has become an important strategy for the growth of Guernsey companies over the last decade or so.

By developing social media marketing, businesses can reach their current and future customers in a simple and economical way. If developed and implemented well, it is the least expensive, yet one of the most successful ways to promote and develop any brand or business.

Building a brand is one of the main parts of SMM and even public figures and football clubs use the social media tool for this purpose.

It is not surprising therefore, that many businesses currently employ professionals in Guernsey specifically for SMM of their business or brand. Businesses that are committed to SMM have left their competitors in their wake, particularly in terms of their brand presence online.

These days, it is normal to see businesses interacting with their customers, present and future, along with offering support and replying to questions through social network sites.

The majority of well-known businesses have a Facebook and Twitter profile, and many others too, and it helps their customer base to quite easily interact with them.

There are a number of benefits of social media marketing for brands and businesses, and I have listed them below:

Raising Brand Awareness

1. Guernsey businesses can utilise social networking websites for improving brand awareness and increasing exposure for their products. A lot of businesses use social networks for drawing attention to, and increasing familiarity about their top products and services.

A lot of them also organise special competitions, giveaways or specific promotions set aside for a specific channel, Facebook for example. Social media websites, Facebook in particular, are amongst the most popular in the world, and therefore, social media marketing helps a business to boost their brand loyalty and also to reach an enormous new unexploited market that covers the entire planet.

Customer Feedback

2. Businesses get an opportunity to communicate with their customers through social network channels. The majority of people today have social media accounts and this makes it very easy for businesses to receive feedback from customers via social networks. Businesses can improve their relationships with their customers because of personal interactions.

Customer feedback can also help in improving the quality of the products. A good number of people state their various likes and dislikes in their social media profile, and businesses can identify these preferences so that future offerings can be geared towards those preferences.

Product Updates

3. Businesses find it a simple way to reveal their latest products via the social media sites. Most companies these days broadcast an announcement in Facebook and Twitter for example, at the same time as they create that same post on their website.

Sometimes, businesses indicate that a new product is going to be launched through social media channels, well in advance of its actual release. It is an inexpensive yet highly effective method to launch new services and products to a large market. Such announcements are quickly snapped up by and influencers and journalists who regularly hang out in these sites.

Customer Interaction

4. Social networking websites have an enormous amount of active members. It is easy for members to directly respond to a certain announcement or update and interact with the company. Because of this, social networks successfully takes away the hurdle between business and the user. People feel at liberty to communicate their views or interact with the of the company reps without stressing too much about the legal consequences.

Customer Satisfaction

5. Customer satisfaction can also be improved if a business uses social media appropriately. As referred to earlier, many Guernsey businesses offer assistance straight from their social pages. Facebook in particular is a prime illustration where a number of businesses that don’t have a suitable website that provides help and assistance, can offer support from their official Facebook Page.

It is a simple process to resolve their customers’ issues in a very open way, and with an audience of many other people. The openness in such discussions also assists the business in developing trust with both present and future customers.

With the arrival of the internet and new ways of advertising and promotion in a very competitive world, without the assistance of SMM, it is highly improbable that a business will be visible over the others. Therefore, social networking and social media play a very significant part in the development of a business in the present age.

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