My main work is SEO, but recently, I had to chance to manage a PPC campaign on both Google and Facebook advertising platforms. I have used them both quite a lot in the past so I had a good idea of what to expect.

Things have changed quite a bit since back then.

Still, it took me a couple of weeks to really get back into it. I really enjoyed it. It seemed quite complex at first, even for an old hand, and I can see why some business owners would be deterred from using both platforms.

Pay Per Click Advertising Foreword

Pay Per Click today is one of the most effective tools for advertisers who want to acquire new clients, to increase a client base and raise company sales.

What marketing problems Pay Per Click advertising can solve?

• Sales increase of the goods and services – at this moment Pay Per Click (PPC) search advertising is the most effective kind of Internet advertising in the decision of this problem.
• Provide the thematic traffic stream on a website – most of information portals and thematic websites use it.
• Information support – PPC can be used for advertising some actions, seminars and conferences to show the information only to that audience, which are really interested in this subject.
– The solution of some brand problems – using a certain strategy, it can become the successful assistant in advancement of the goods and services in the market.

Where can you meet PPC Advertising?

Search engines are the most popular platforms for placing PPC advertising, because they are the most visited websites all over the world. 90% of Internet users search the information using search engines. Users visit search engine to ask the questions and to receive the answers. You can offer them your answer by the use of Pay Per Click.

Why PPC search engine advertising is effective?

• You show search advertising only to those users who have already expressed interest in the promoted goods (services) at the text of inquiry, and do not show to those, who is not interesting you as a potential client.
• Search advertising does not irritate and it is interpreted by the user as the additional information instead of annoying advertising.
• PPC advertising will bring real customers on your website. They have asked a question and chosen your answer, therefore they want to receive a required answer on your website.
• It is possible to involve target audience sorted by interests, a geographical arrangement by means of PPC advertising. Therefore it is the most effective kind of Internet advertising
• Rapid start of contextual advertising campaigns. Start of the campaign can take place in a few minutes.
• It is a very convenient way of payment for advertising, when the client can see, how much and for what he pays and can supervise this process flexibly

PPC Search Engine Advertising Basics


Keyword is a basis of PPC advertising. At the beginning it would be better chose 10-15 keywords and expressions of different categories which define goods or services. You will estimate their effectiveness and reject a disadvantageous for you words.

It is better to use special words which define goods as much as possible precisely and to avoid the words used in a broad sense, more expensive and less productive. Don’t try to catch all Internet users who interested in buying a car if you need only those who want to buy a concrete brand and model.

You shouldn’t use as a keywords from other thematic sections. For example, advertising the Italian restaurant, you shouldn’t use a word “Italy” as a key as it concerns to the section “Tourism”. Many people interested in different things in Internet not for buying. It is better to use selling words in composition of Ad for elimination non-commercial inquiries. For example, sale, guarantee, service, delivery, price.

For selection of keywords it is possible to use your website or the websites of competitors which contain meta-tags (search engines find out the websites using them). Use your marketing materials, booklets – you better know which words can describe your product.
People often look through messages without concentrating their attention on them. You can interest these people with trigger words, causing certain associations and emotions in the person. Here the triggers causing negative emotions in the reader: hard, lose, pay, cost, fail, terribly. The words as “discovery”, “free”, “comfort”, “guarantee”, “save”, “new”, “simple”, “proven”, cause positive emotions and associate with safety, openness and comfort subconsciously.
Ad structure.

Besides keyword obligatory elements of PPC advertising are:

• Ad header
• The Ad text
• The link to the website of advertiser

When you write an Ad text you should remember, it must interested in and call people’s attention. Its task is to convince a prospective buyer to visit your website. It is impossible to overcharge the Ad. You should write simple and laconically for people who in a hurry. A person hasn’t got time for reading a long announcement, he interested in content. Compound sentence and a lot of stops mustn’t take place in your Ad. You should change the Ad text periodically. Sometimes it is enough to change only one word and Ad structure will be changed. It will be look as a new.

Bidding Strategy

Many clients of PPC search advertising service assert, that besides obvious market result in PPC advertising they are attracted by principle of auction pricing. It is the most widespread strategies at PPC auction.

Strategy of main keyword

Experienced advertiser can pick out the main among all keywords of his advertising campaign. He has come to know it and know exactly, the biggest part of clients come to him thanks to this word exactly. He ready pays for this word the price which let to him to be the first. Thereby he makes accent exactly on this keyword. At the same time he has other keywords. He hasn’t learn their effectiveness yet, but he satisfied by the second and the third place thanks to this words. This strategy is very useful and effective in segments with law and middle competition.


At the beginning a new advertiser bid on the keyword, which will take the first place. If competitors try to outbid the position he will make a maximum bid. It looks inadequately and other advertisers prefer satisfied with residual positions to struggle. So leader can establish the bid only on penny higher than the bid of competitors and he can stay on the first place.

Behind the leader

An advertiser chooses position of “eternal” the second or the third places. That is he doesn’t pursues the leader, but he doesn’t leave the top three. This strategy let to find the balance between the price of Ad and its efficiency quickly.


Advertisers from one segment negotiate a place at auction and its periodical change. This tactics can bring a good result only at segments with a small amount of participants.


Practically all service of PPC advertising let to administer a great amount of settings. These possibilities make announcement more effective. It is limit audience not only on interest in the goods of advertiser, but also on geography, days of week, time of day, etc. Geographical targeting let to regional companies to increase announcement effectiveness without waste of means on improper audience.

In the end I would like to say Pay per click advertising is still one of the quickest and effective ways of promoting your business online.

Guernsey Pay Per Click (PPC) Paid Search Specialist