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How can you get more customers?

One of the problems for most Guernsey businesses, especially new ones, is how to acquire clients or customers.

Hopefully, you have a few customers to get you started but if you don’t, you need to find out how to do it, and fast, or your business may not succeed. Even if you have some customers, you will need to get some more to grow your business in the future.

The question is, how do you reach new customers?

Firstly, why do you want new customers?

You may say that the issue is that you want more business, but that is an answer as well as an issue.

The core of the problem is –

You want more money.


You need more business.


You need more clients / customers.


You need to get your product / service in front of them.


There are countless ways to attract new business. I have listed three of the main ways below.

Word of Mouth / Referrals

This is without doubt, a superb way to gain new customers. Acquiring word of mouth referrals from past business contacts have a triple benefit.

Firstly, customers gained in this way are typically very cheap or free to acquire, secondly, they have a high conversion rate, thirdly, they have high retention rates which leads to them to buy more or use your services more in the long term.

Pros – Cheap or free, high conversion rate, loyal repeat buyers, also refer other customers.

Cons – Relying on previous contacts, not scalable.


There are so many ways in which to advertise your business. The secret to it is to present to your prospective clients the value which you can offer them along with targeting your customer demographic.

Some channels that you could advertise through are –



Can be high priced and targets a large audience. The best ad placements are around a programme that is similar to your own business.


These can be quite expensive again with a large general audience.


Not too expensive and targets a general audience.



These ads can be highly targeted to many different demographics, such as gender, age, location, behaviours and work. Specific keywords cannot be targeted at this time. They are priced as cost per thousand impressions and pay per click (PPC).

Search engine ads like Google Adwords.

Ads are keyword targeted so that they show up for selected search terms. They are also priced as PPC and cost per thousand impressions. Can be very high priced for certain keywords.

Other Social Media such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and Linkedin.

Various ways of setting up the ads and they target demographics rather than keywords.

Pros – Scalable, quick results.

Cons – Expensive, low to medium conversion rate.

Inbound Marketing.

This is another great way for getting more customers. This is because your customers / clients are looking for what you have to offer, not the other way around where you are going after business such as with TV, radio and newspaper ads, flyers, trade shows, cold calling and emails where you are fighting for customers.

With inbound marketing, potential clients are looking for, and find you through various channels like search engines, videos and social media.

The idea here is to create content that your customer audience is looking for that is pertinent and useful and adds value throughout the customer’s purchasing journey. The content is intended to deal with the needs, issues and desires of your ideal customers, therefore attracting highly targeted prospects and building confidence and trustworthiness for your business.

Pros – Free, Scalable, high conversion rates.

Cons – Slow results, content research and creation.

As owner of this website, I have the same issues as all of you that have got this far and are still reading. I have got to get clients to my website to make a living. You are those potential clients.

I am not trying a hard sell as I have found that Guernsey people are extremely shrewd and it would be very difficult to do that.

I am simply trying to say that you are here due to my outbound marketing techniques. I am creating content that you are (hopefully) interested in reading, and that you get some value out of it.

However, in order for outbound marketing to work, your website needs to be on the first page of the search engines, Google in all reality. I would guess that you got to this page because you did a search for how to get more customers for your business or something of that ilk, furthermore, I was probably on page one of Google when you found me, not always but mostly.

How did I do this?

Firstly, I want to grow my business and in order to do that I need your business. When I get your business, I will grow your business by getting you more customers.

I get you more business by getting your website onto the first page of Google for whatever keyword, or search term, will get you more customers.

For instance, if you are a Guernsey chartered accountant, I could get you on Google’s page one for “Guernsey chartered accountants”.

Out of interest, “Guernsey chartered accountants” has between 10 to 100 searches every month from Guernsey people. Imagine getting two extra jobs per month if you were a chartered account?

This can be done for any niche, business or sector, although some are harder to get results for as the niche is so competitive.

For more information about how I can get you more business for your website, please check out the rest of this website as it explains more about what I can offer you.

Guernsey Business Promotion – Get More Customers For Your Business?

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