Guernsey Business StartupA Guernsey business startup can involve many different aspects such as accounting, business planning, company formation, finance, government services, HR, insurance & tax, IT & tech, legal advice and marketing & sales and relocation.

It takes a whole lot of hard work to startup a business in Guernsey, so why go through all of that work if you don’t maximise its potential. A website could help you to maximise that potential.

Whether your business is a brand new startup or it is an existing business, having a website could be the difference between being a failure, being a success or being hugely successful.

There are many website designers here in Guernsey and from what I have seen they produce some really great looking websites. Having a website isn’t the end of it though; it is only the beginning of having a thriving and prosperous online presence.

I am the bloke that gets your Guernsey business startup website into the top echelons of the search engines using off-page SEO. We are talking about Google essentially because it owns the majority of the searches made on search engines.

A website doesn’t suddenly go straight to the top of Google, it has to be optimised for it. There are over 200 on-page and off-page ranking factors in Googles algorithm.

The 3 biggest ranking factors are listed below.

In position 3 is RankBrain

Google RankBrain

RankBrain is Google’s machine learning artificial intelligence algorithm that is utilised to help deliver the most appropriate search results for users. It automatically modifies itself and learns from other users searches.

For instance: When users look for a certain item and they naturally head towards the number three search result instead of the number one result, RankBrain then elevates the more pertinent content up from #3 to #1 and relegates the other results lower.

Its objective is to help enhance the users general experience.

In position 2 is Content

Google has truly concentrated its ranking algorithm on supplying the most appropriate content in search. They aspire to enhance the user experience by offering the most relevant search results for the keyword or search phrase being asked.

In position 1 is Links

The most important ranking factor for 2018 is backlinks. It has been for many years and I can’t see it changing any time soon. They will remain the key ranking factor until Google can find another way to rank websites.

Content versus Backlinks

It’s not really a contest because they both worth in conjunction with each other. If a website has content, it is possible to rank in the search engines because they read the content and position the website in the rankings accordingly.

Content could rank, and does, without any backlinks, but only if the keyword, or search term, is not heavily targeted. This means that not many websites have optimised for that keyword. A website could easily rank for the search phrase “Green and White Guernsey Business Startup Widgets”, for example.

Go on, type it into Google and this page will probably be near the top of Google.

If the keyword was “Guernsey Business”, which has many local websites optimising for it, it would be tougher to get to the top. This is where backlinks from other sites become so important. Google consider backlinks as a vote of confidence; a sign of popularity.

The better the content, the greater the chance of ranking higher. Longer content with many LSI keywords and synonyms tends to rank higher and for a lot more keywords.

So, create great content, the longer and more descriptive the better. Add an image or two and a video and you have an even greater chance of ranking higher.

The problem with digital website designer/digital marketing companies is that they don’t understand all of the ranking factors.

A new Guernsey business startup company will benefit greatly from the service that I provide.

I will do a website audit to start with to see if it has a chance of ranking. It may need additional content or different content first of all. Then I will build the all-important backlinks that nobody in Guernsey seems to worry about or even know about.

Don’t Let Your Guernsey Business Startup Fail Because Of This

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