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Buying a Guernsey Used Car Guide

Welcome to buying a Guernsey used car guide! Our new blog to help people with buying a second hand car.

There are a lot of areas you should consider while buying a second hand car and in this blog we want to cover all the aspects of the process. When you buy your first car, you will never forget that moment.

To make it something worth remembering, we will try to help you and give advice where ever we can. We personally have a lot of experience with buying cars and hope we can help you with that.

Finding A Used Car in Guernsey

Guernsey Second Hand CarsBefore you buy a used car, you first might want to explore the field a bit. Nowadays there are a lot of ways to buy a vehicle. You can buy them of course through your local trader, or you can find a nice one on the internet, like on Facebook for example.

The best way to find a good transaction on a second hand car is to compare prices between these sites and visit some local sellers for price information. In that case it might come in handy to take a someone with you with knowledge about cars.

When you go on your search to find your vehicle, you will see that there is a lot of demand in your area.

All those Guernsey used car merchants have different models and types of cars for you to choose from. In the car supplier business there is a big competition for the customer going on.

Car sellers make special offers on many vehicles and try to pursue you into buying one. Go to different merchants around Guernsey and compare these prices and types to get the right price for the car of your dreams.

If you do not like the sales people, who can be very annoying, and like to compare all the vehicles in your own time, you can compare all the different prices online.

The internet is a fantastic medium for buying products online and has become normal. On the internet you will discover that there are hundreds of different auto vendors for you to choose from.

Through the comfort and peace of your home the internet is a great place to do your used or new car shopping.

Another option to find your first car lies on the street. A lot of people have a car for sale and do this by putting up a for sale sign inside of it. Before you see one that you like on the streets it is wisely to gather all the information that you can about it.

If you know a lot of cars you can check it out on your own but if you are not (like most people) it is almost a must to bring someone who does. If you are going to test drive a car you want to buy make sure you have gathered all the information so you can make the good decision.

After the finding a car process you will feel satisfied when you have found a nice car for a good price. One that fits your budget on the short and the long term. Taking the time for the right decision is very important for buying your first car.

You probably want to drive several years in your car without having a lot of troubles. You may want to see if the used car that you are thinking of buying has any type of warranty with it.

You may find that most of the time the dealerships are going to offer a small warranty.

This is however, better than nothing.

How To Buy A Used Car in Guernsey?

Used CarsPurchasing a used car in Guernsey is not something you do over a one night sleep. You have to put some good research in when you want to buy one.

You have to know what kind of arrangements are out there and which offers are acceptable when looking at your budget.

There are a lot people, mostly the ones that did not any research, that made a bad agreement by the dealership by not knowing what price is good on an auto.

The seller is known for his always-wanting-more-money-then-the-car-is-worth tricks. Our advice is take your time while looking for one and get a little bit of information on the reputation of the vendor.

Like I wrote earlier when you want to buy a second hand car you have to do some good research. We call this the first step.

Knowing what kind of auto you want narrows the options that are out there. Do you like a lot of cars? Here is a tip so you can decide what make or model it is that you really like.

Pick a company name of the vehicle that you like, for example Ford. Now look at the lines that this company has to offer, for example 4x4s. When you did that you narrowed your option so much that you can look specifically for them and you will probably end up buying an Explorer.

Nowadays a lot of people discover what make they like through internet. Again you can look a company up.

Define what kind of vehicle that you like with this vendor by looking at their lines and write it down. You can do this by several companies until you narrow down to a few types.

When you are looking for one online, you can also see if it has any parts changed and what the problems it now has or had.

Another thing that is useful to check is how the car rates against others. The auto safety rates can be very different this depends on the make and model.

Taking all these things in perspective makes you buying decision easier. Another important thing is depreciation.

When you buy a new vehicle you know that it is depreciated when you bought it. You have to find out how much the model depreciates each year. When you figured out how much it is depreciated by looking at the age of it you know how much it is worth.

Before we are heading off to the dealership we want to check one thing. You are about to buy a car so it is a good thing to know how your finances are and the credit rating. Knowing this, it is time to go the auto shop.

We walked through the first steps of research, the next step is to find a trader that is trustworthy. A lot of people find it hard to discover which vendors are trustworthy, so what is the best way to find out?

There are a few ways to find out if a trader is a good one and the best one is just asking people you know. Friends are the best critics out there so why don’t ask them for their opinion about used car dealers in the area.

By asking a lot of people you will get a good overview on the good suppliers and the ones with a bad reputation.

Ask A Guernsey MechanicOther ways to find out could be by asking local mechanics, not always a solid opinion because they have often deals particular dealerships, checking reviews by consumer reports or look for the quality and reputation of a (used) auto seller that they build up nationally.

When you found a trustworthy second hand motor dealership it is time to look their selection of vehicles up and carefully see what kind of lines and models there are.

By now you probably know what make and model you are looking for and when you have seen such a model you can ask the seller to take it for a test drive.

When test driving the automobile, you should make a good opinion about the car. You cannot make an good opinion about one when test driving it a few minutes so ask the seller if you can take it for at least 10 till 15 minutes.

When you made your mind up and are satisfied with the test drive you can ask the vendor more information about the vehicle.

Ask the trader about the finances and say that you will have a good impression about the car. Tell him that you think about it and then leave.

Why leave? You will probably think, this has a couple of reasons: You do not want to look to enthusiastic because that drives the price up.

Nowadays people often look at two or three second hand auto merchant before buying one. You can match the prices and see where you get the best deal.

Before buying one, think about for a day and then decide if you are still willing to buy it. After a night sleep and your decision haven’t changed you can go back to the vendor.

Take someone with you and make another test drive. Ask his/her opinion and listen to the feedback. If you are still wanting the car and are satisfied with the offer that the seller is doing, go and buy it!

One thing to consider is the financing of the vehicle and if you can use your bank! So after all this research you are able to make a good decision on how to buy a used car.

Dealing with a Guernsey Used Car Seller

The mistake most people make is going unprepared to a Guernsey used car dealership. When you have seen a car that looks good from the outside, you probably want to test drive it and see it from the inside.

How can I get the best deal for this from the second hand car seller is often a thought that runs through many minds before going to the trader.

Most second-hand car sellers are hard to handle and a little bit pushy and over bearing when someone wants to buy a car.

They often throw a lot of offers your way so you are challenged to buy the car. Only thinking about these things and preparing on your conversation with the dealer helps you in that challenge and makes you feel confidence.

If you aren’t ready for the dealer you will end up with a bad deal.

Like any other, you would like the best deal when buying a second hand car. To do this you can prepare yourself with information that is everywhere available. You need to know what kind of cars there are and which prices they have.

A very important thing is that you know what you want. You must know what kind of car you want otherwise the seller will try to sell you a much more expensive car then your budget is.

Knowing what kind of car you want makes you happy and satisfied on the end.

As a mentioned before the price of the car is also very important. Knowing the price of different types of cars will help you determine if you getting a good deal from the dealer.

Second hand car merchants are experts in selling and can easily talk you into selling a car that you don’t want. When you go looking for a vehicle you must feel comfortable and secure. If you are not sure about the vehicle, you must not feel obliged to buy it.

Take the time and check everything on the car, when you have a good feeling on the car then make a decision.

In an earlier post: Why should you buy a Used Car? we have given the advice to bring a mechanic or someone with a lot of experience with cars. When dealing with a trader this comes in handy.

You feel more confident and stand strong against the dealer. Never buy a car because the dealer says it is perfect for you.

He thinks only about his commission and forgets about you and the vehicle when you have bought it from him. Listening to the seller may end up in disappointment.

A totally must is to take the car that you want on a test drive. One of the problems with buying one is that you don’t know the car and usually have little time to get familiar with a car.

In this time you must decide if this car is good for you, if everything on the car works functionally and decide how comfortable the seats are. You should take the car for as long as you need to test it.

While driving in it, test the car on the most important things like: brakes, lights, how the motor runs and how the gearbox and gears are working. A lot of people forget to look if the seats are comfortable while driving.

If the seats are not comfortable you must find out what it costs you extra to buy new seats for your used car. Buying a car with uncomfortable seats can get you back pains and an unsatisfying feeling about buying the car.

Learn in this short time as must as you can about vehicle and if not secured about a few things come back later with a second opinion from someone else.

Check out the entire car before you buy. If the dealer is trying to push you into just buying the car, you should move on. You need to make sure that everything is just as you want it so that you are getting a good car that will be worth the money that you are spending on it.

You so not want to be ripped off by a bad vendor. You can always ask for someone else to handle your deal if the sales clerk that you are with is not making you comfortable.  It is your money and your time and you deserve the best possible treatment.

Why Should You Buy a Guernsey Used Car?

When you are looking for a used car here in Guernsey, it is an important that you a little pre-research before buying the car.

A vehicle is a big investment and nobody want to buy one that gives you a lot of troubles later. There are enormous amounts of variety out there to choose from, you have a lot of different types and models.

Before you go looking for a used car it is wisely to have an idea what kind you want. Most people who buy one for the first time have little to spent so it is important that you get a good deal and you are satisfied with it.

It is well known that a new vehicle is the worst investment that you can make. For you it is the decision how much extra money you want to spent for the “newness” of the car. A newer model costs more money than a second hand one.

If your main reason to buy a motor is to drive from point A to point B without a lot of troubles you can better invest your money in a it.

Like I said before a new auto costs a fortune, people who do not have a lot of money to spend, see a lot of more options in buying one. The extra’s in the vehicle, the colour, the size, the type and of course the price of it are main reasons for people to buy a second hand motor.

Why afford a fortune on your dream auto when it is new when you can buy it used with just 10,000 or 50,000 miles on the meter? It is much cheaper than and you can better stick to your budget on the long run.

When you go shopping for a second hand vehicle it is very useful to bring a mechanic or a friend that knows a lot of cars.

If the mechanic says that the auto runs with no troubles and explains to you what kind of costs you can expect in the upcoming years, you will be fine. In this way it is totally clear for you what you are buying and which costs you can expect in the future.

Nobody wants to buy one that gives you only troubles and cost you a lot of money on fixing it. So if you are looking for a low priced one, you can decide to take a look at all the used ones out there. Be sure you bring a mechanic or someone with knowledge about autos!

Another good reason to have a mechanic with you is that a mechanic probably knows what kind of money it is worth when you want to buy it. Never take one for the price that it is offered for.

Also if the vehicle is perfect for you and there is nothing wrong with it must never forget it is a used one. You can always try to get a better deal for it and offer lower than the for sale price.

The dealer can consider your offer and makes the deal later when he sees that there are no other buyers for it. You must consider however that if you lower the offer of one and the trader does not accept it you can always buy it for the offered price.

If you think this is your dream car you can try this technique but be careful that someone else takes it for a better price.

Having an open mind set when shopping for a second-hand auto will make it easier for you. With a little bit of research and good shopping in the market you will find yourself a second hand vehicle for a nice price conform your budget.

Knowing what you want and how much you want to pay for it makes you stand stronger in negotiations with a dealer and you will be more satisfied when buying a Guernsey used car that makes you happy!

List of Guernsey Used Car Dealers

Airport Forecourt,

Freelance Guernsey,
Vale Garage Complex,
Braye Road,


Barras Car Centre
Barras Lane,

Duques Garage Ltd,
Rue Des Landes,
John E Cars,
Petites Capelles,
St Sampsons,

Doyle Motors,
St. Peter Port,

Esprit Vehicles,
Pointues Rocques,
St. Sampson,

Paul’s Motors Ltd,
Trinity Square,
Rue Du Pré,
St Peter Port,

Le Mont Saint Garage,
St Saviours,