Guernsey Self Catering

You Can Go Your Own Way – Self Catering

People going on holiday are forever searching for ways to go on self catering breaks, both Guernsey and abroad. Every place you go to, it is likely that you will come across an appropriate property which offers this option for you and your family or friends.

You can select from a huge choice of properties of every different type, location and price range, and suitable for all types of holidaymakers.

Probably the most obvious reason people choose holiday homes rental over others, is value for money. Generally speaking, you get more holiday for your Great British Pound.

A Guernsey holiday letting provides a very cheap way to have a holiday, particularly if you’re holidaying as part of a large group of people. The division of the total cost for the time spent works out really cost-effective. Say for example, seven hundred pounds between ten people for a weeks stay, is just seventy pounds per head per week, or a measly ten pounds per night.

This is a price a hotel or guest house would have a very hard time matching even if you were to take out the catering options. Knowing what is going in and coming out of your accounts can help you to accurately account for your holiday. Very useful if you’re walking a tight rope with regards to your finances.

Self catering also gives you more than just a single room and shared living space with other unknown guests. You have so much more space which you share with people you are holidaying with such as family or friends who you trust. Living space is ideal for a night in, board games and other entertainment or as a way to enjoy your holiday but keep the costs low.

I thought it might be worth mentioning that while this option is great and I would totally recommend it you should take into account your amenities, the number of permitted guests, location with regards to the local town and any restrictions imposed by the landlord amongst other things. The research stage will help you very much during this stage and make sure you read the terms and conditions associated with lodging.

Benefits of Self Catering Holiday Accommodation

Guernsey CottagesIf you are planning on a vacation to Guernsey, one of the major things that you have to consider is your place to stay. In the past there were only two options, it’s either you stay at a friends house or you stay in a hotel. But today, holiday homes have become a favoured option among families and big groups of travellers because of the flexibility and convenience that it offers.

Choosing a good place to stay when you’re travelling with your family or with a group of people can be quite difficult, but thanks to this type of accommodation, you can get the comfort and privacy that comes with staying in your own home without burning a hole in your pocket. From simple apartments to luxurious villas, you’ll sure to find something that you want that fits the bill.

Are you eager to learn more about the benefits of Guernsey self catering ? Here are some of them.

  1. It is much cheaper in the long run if you’re travelling with your family or a large group. Unlike hotels which charge per head, a place with its own cooking facilities is normally charged per apartment or cottage rather than per person. So if you’re going on a vacation for several days or an extended period of time with a big group, then it’s really more practical to rent a vacation home.

  2. You can choose from different kinds of properties. If you’re in a budget, you can choose to stay in a relatively small and modest apartment. On the other hand, if you’re travelling with a large group you can choose to stay in a bigger place. And if budget is not an issue, you can rent a villa with stunning amenities and have a holiday of a lifetime.

  3. Holiday apartments give you more freedom and privacy. You can eat cheaply or extravagantly whenever you want, you can cook, you can wash your clothes and you can just stay inside the room for as long as you want without anyone bugging you for room service. Staying in a self-catered accommodation can definitely give you the comfort, freedom and privacy of staying in your own home. It’s literally like your home away from home.

To wrap up, self catering in Guernsey offer much more flexibility, comfort, freedom and privacy than hotels or other form of place to stay. With holiday lettings rental companies and websites that offer property rentals in every major city in the world, you really shouldn’t have any problem with trying it the next time you go on a vacation.

Activity Holidays in Guernsey

Whether you are into activity … or just into relaxing, Guernsey and its neighbouring islands of Herm, Sark and Alderney (all easily reached from St Peter Port) provide a great venue for short break and longer holidays.

Walking holidays: Guernsey, Herm, Sark and Alderney are a haven for walkers with many and varied routes, some with guides.
Cycling: Guernsey’s network of lanes – Ruettes Tranquilles – give priority to cyclists, walkers & horse riders. Visit the neighbouring island of Sark for many car free cycle routes.
Fishing: Guernsey has excellent spots for angling
Water Sports: Scuba diving, windsurfing,
Bird watching: Migrating birds offer bird watchers plenty to enthrall them

All That You Want To Know About Self Catering

If you thought that these holiday cottages have just mushroomed all of a sudden, then it is about time that you checked them out. They are a fantastic retreat to those, who do not find the time from their busy lives to go for a week long vacation, or those who find their salary or their savings not adequate enough to afford a luxurious and exclusive vacation.

Guernsey self contained cottages are located in numerous parts of UK and the region around including the isles, Wales and Scotland. You can, any day, take your caravan or campervan, car or van out and go with your family, friends or alone to any of the nearby ones. There are plenty of such cottages just outside your own city. They serve two basic purpose – one, the need to go for a holiday and two, in limited budget.Guernsey Self Catering Accommodation

You have options of choosing your location. Many prefer the sea side, and on the other hand, many prefer the mountains. You can select your apartment in any kind of location, and the options are not just limited to the sea side or the mountainous regions.

The option to choose is not just limited to the location. You can also select the type of the holiday cottage you want to book. While there are self contained cottages in Guernsey that are suitable for families, there are those which are just for young couples. Then there are facilities for families with pets and families with toddlers and there are options for old couples as well.

You can select from among all the options as per your requirement and book online. Online, you can see the different options that the site gives you and see if any of them match your needs. There are many sites that offer the opportunity to book – then and there – and booking is also a very simple process.

The Bailiwick of Guernsey is made up of Alderney, Sark, and Herm.
Guernsey covers just over 24 square miles with a population officially of 60,000 but the CIA – World Fact book 2000 puts this at 66,386.

Location is in Western Europe, the Islands in the English Channel, northwest of France.

The Geographic Coordinates of Guernsey are : 49 28 N, 235W, Map Reference Europe. Languages : English, French, Norman-French dialect spoken in country districts.

The local currency is Guernsey pound sterling, which is at par with the English pound.

Sound Advice

  • My advice is to change your currency before you arrive, if you do need more money use your credit card to withdraw from the hole in the wall.

  • Another thing to do before you arrive is to check your pockets for any small amounts of drugs that you may have forgotten about. If you need to carry prescription drugs than have a packet with the name of the pharmacy and doctor that prescribed them. This will save a lot of time should you be stopped at customs on entry. If you are stopped then understand this is only to protect my Island from drug importers, and is in no way aimed at giving you a hard time.

  • Don’t let Guernsey internal politics and international financial scandals decide whether you visit us. The people of the Bailiwick will not let this spoil their life so don’t let it spoil your holiday.

  • Once here you may think the prices are high compared to other holiday destinations but what price do you pay for safety and political stability. What other holiday destination overseas can offer you a peaceful and tranquil surroundings, guaranteed environmental protection such as clean beaches, fresh water, and a happy environment for your children.

  • Low crime and disorder makes Guernsey an ideal destination for you and your family.

Guernsey Self Catering Cottages – Immensely Popular

One of the things that have grown from strength to strength as far as popularity is concerned is cottages with their own cooking facilities. Gone are the days when people rushed for hotels and rest houses with room service to spend their vacations. Not any more for all these things have been pipped by self contained cottages which really have emerged as the most popular holiday destination across the world.

There are lots of things that go into making holiday cottages such a hot proposition. For starters they are set into country side which exposes the visitors to the purest of things that nature has to offer and which is such a rarity in cities. Add to this the calm atmosphere that these places have and one can have just the right place to recharge their exhausted batteries and spend a quite few days away from the maddening traffic, noise and pollution of cities.

Another reason that makes these Guernsey self catering cottages such a hot spot for holidays is the freedom that they give to guests. Indeed guests are allowed all sorts of freedom and they can really live the way they want to at these wonderful cottages. So much so that guests are also allowed to make their own food and that too at any point of time. Such a provision tilts the scale firmly in the favour these cottages and goes a long way in propelling their popularity.

Holiday cottages are also liked immensely by business outfits who find them to be just the right place to organise their official get together. The place is also just ideal for them to perform their team building exercise. In addition to these points these cottages also provide the business outfits with an option to send their employees for holidays in return of the services put in by them.

With so many outstanding features attached with holiday rental cottages, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is the most talked about thing of present times.

Self Catering – Feel Free to Enjoy

The thought of having accommodation in Guernsey that is rented out to vacationers and its origins, are said to be in Britain. It is an ideal getaway arrangement for spending some days or a fortnight in a pleasing landscape for a comparatively inexpensive bargain.

Whether it is a romantic holiday, a hiking and camping trip with one’s companions or even a big family holiday, holiday cottages present a special and home-like character to such holidays.

The majority of the cottages, lodges and public housings that are located in Guernsey are where you cook your own meals. It means that one does not have attendants and maids to serve a person during their stay.

When said in other words, it means that one has to do all the tasks, such as cooking and even cleaning. One can also shift about as per their ease, without any constraints of time on their movements.

Holiday cottages in Guernsey are emerging out as a huge business these days. In fact, multi-star lodges are rapidly losing their ground to these suitable, trouble-free to use lodges. Everyone today is looking for a good space to hang around.

With these cottages, space available is plentiful. While a lodge room possibly comes with its own luxuries, lavish enough to make one think like a king, the attraction of a lodge is something completely poles apart. It is less constrained. One is having his/her own personal space, and one is the owner of that place till the time he/she is there.

Also, one can decide on a lodge that overlooks panoramic scenery. That’s not the end; one can select diverse kinds of self catering lodgings such as those with pools inside. Places that take pets are also available.

List of Guernsey Self Catering Accommodation

Ellingham Apartments at Bordeaux,
Les Rocques Barrees Road,

Guernsey Self Catering,
Del Mar Court,
Le Varclin,
St Martins,

Les Buttes Holiday Cottages,
Rue des Raies,
St Peter’s,

The Granary Apartments,
Rue De Quanteraine,
St Pierre Du Bois,

The Bay Guernsey,

Beau Vallon,
Les Adams,
St Pierre Du Bois,

Albany self-catering Apartments,
Queen’s Road,
St. Peter Port,

Wisteria Cottages,
Kings Mills,

Cliff Top Cottages,
Le Petit Manoir,
Route de Pleinmont,

Adair Bungalows

Vazon Bay Apartments,
Rue des Goddards,

Briquet Cottages,
Rue des Crabbes,
St Saviours

Les Fries Barn,
Ruette Des Fries,

Rocquaine Bay Apartments,
c/o Vazon Bay Apartments,
Rue des Goddards,

La Grande Mare,
Hotel Golf and Country Club,
Vazon Bay,

St Peters Country Cottages,
La Gallie,
Rue de la Gallie,
St Peters,

Les Rocquettes Hotel,
Les Gravees,
St Peter Port,

Perelle Holiday Cottages,
Perelle Bay,
St Saviours,